This is my Journey Era. Sobald es nass ist besteht der Weg nur noch aus Schlamm. You can read all about the investigation of  ‘The Lost Girls of Panama‘” in this article as I did the night before trekking the El Pianista. Realy suspicous. I had a girlfriend years ago who often said of me that I just rushed to the destination and missed a lot of things…it kind of just clicked…. Needless to say, we carried on up the driveway to the right of the sign to kick off the hike. Enjoy your next cloud forest…. The trail begins at the Il Pianista Ristorante (outstanding Italian food, BTW) in the Alto Lino area just north of Boquete. Women should not be unaccompanied by male companions in remote places anywhere in the world. The pictures below will help you identify the driveway where the trail begins. - Der Trail führt unten zwischen Weiden entlang. We did the hike today. Look, you can believe me or not, but as firstly a guy, and secondly someone with some psychic sensitivities, that’s a bad dude. I’ve got some questions about this trail, esspecially about the local you met and about the first part, from the Pianista restaurant to the forrest. I’m sure there are plenty around the world but I will really be seeking them out from this point onwards. The only reason, he was watching you as a predator. Don’t dress in a way that is provocative, that allows your bra or underwear to be seen or that includes shorts, ideally. Looked like he inside of a giant sock for sure. What was the air like when you got to the top? Here you will begin the ascent of more than 2000 feet over the next three kilometers. Okay, I have to admit that I feel better. Todos os Países Latinos, ou que falam língua latina, pelo menos, sei lá, parecem ser “calientes”, esquentados, você entendem. No one is trying to play into any murder-drama, and calling it that when you have a lot of people who are seeing the red flags, is very alarming. The fog and the wet conditions added an element of mystery to the surroundings. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke als moderat einzustufen. I wish folks could let them Rest In Peace and stop with all the violent rhetoric… Let there be light. I would be willing to bet anything that they escaped temporarily, took pictures to try to leave for evidence figuring they’d probably be caught, were recaptured, raped and killed. It’s possible the girls Kris and Lisanne where his prey in 2014, exactly on that spot! Thank you for sharing. He is in a hury because he do not want to be photographed. The girls had hiked down past the summit into the continental divide. Nice hike. Enfim, andar em grupo também super funciona, como moças andam por lugares que não conhecem, nunca foram no Panamá, também a senhora que elas(as moças) estavam hospedadas deveria no mesmo dia falar com a polícia, mesmo as moças não sendo nada dela, eu se alguém fica na minha casa e deveria voltar por volta das 16:00 horas e o cachorro voltou sozinha e as moças não voltaram, falaria com a polícia imediatamente, é isso, lamento tudo, porém fica a dica do Seth. I generally listen to advice and then make my own decisions. The trail is just 4km out of Boquete town and is a 3-4 hour out and back trail with more than 2000 feet of elevation. Europeans are the most likely tourists to fall into these traps due to the strongly leftist education in EU schools that instilled in their heads that all people are equal and good and the most needy should be helped – both were on a voluntary work trip! Keep walking! Also, IF the other person any of us encounter on any trail moved away from us quickly, could not another explanation be that they want to get away from us quickly themselves because they fear us, or just wnat to get to the other end of the trail? The conclusion from local police was that it was a hiking accident. Very enjoyable read with awesome photographs and fabulous Greenery,many thanks.. However, due to the little information I have, the most likely hypothesis is that there was an accident after getting lost, although some doubts remain. I don’t think you did from your post. In the end there is longer elevation but other than that the hike in pretty easy. The sides of the trail began to rise and before we knew it we were being dwarfed by the trail. Once we reached the stream it was such a magical little spot. Josh is on the right trail going in the correct direction, heading down towards the stream. I discovered this blog after doing my own research into the Kris Kremer/Lisanne Froon case. I’, sorry, but you’re making an assumption. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. At that same moment a local came along exactly as you described in your story and disappeared as quickly downhill as he appeared. It’s a beautiful hike. Thanks for the guide! In Mexico, heads of police were left in suitcases on the doorstep of their wives and teen daughters, wives are taken for obvious reasons, never to be seen again. The fog was really rolling in now after we were two-thirds of the way up the trail. El Pianista Trail fast became my favorite jungle adventure in Boquete with its narrow canyon-esque path. This turns the scenery into a dripping rainforest, where life is buzzing, water droplets are falling to the floor from every leaf and wildflowers and birds are plentiful. We’re trying to tell you to be safe because we care about you, even if we don’t know you. And what about the flowers on the cross? What lens did you use for that? We ended up on a different narrow path. It is easy to get lost at some sections, so make sure to have your all trails map downloaded. Think about that, all the flowers in the steel cross. I have a new favorite type of trail. Basically you think any farmer in Boquete is now a murderer. It doesn’t take that much to take down two girls. We were inside it. It must have been carved out because there is a definitive trail through the earth. You can already see the clouds hugging the summit of the mountain. Olha em todo o lugar há pessoas boas e más, isso é fato. You speak as if you know more about this case than most- why’s that? If it helps someone else you have to cross two small bridges very early on. I’m Jackson, an Australian adventure traveler who has been on the road for eight years now. It is not necessary to be in a jungle. 5. After graduating with a journalism degree, I set off to explore the world while creating adventure travel guides featuring hikes, waterfalls, beaches & adrenaline activities. Realmente você deve se precaver. Rain droplets falling to the ground from every leaf and branch while mist floats through dramatically. And you have to remember Occam’s Razor. Have a male with you whenever possible. We walked through the tunnel of vines and trees, keeping an eye out for Quetzals, snakes, howler monkeys, wildflowers and strange bugs and critters. I just did the hike, there was nothing suspicious that occurred. El Pianista Trail is one of the moodiest cloud forests I have ever adventured into. It’s been a wild ride. Interested to hear what you know. Once you reach these mini-canyons you are within reach of the summit. Pianista Trail Hiking trail in Palo Alto, Chiriquí (Republic of Panama). I don’t know what world you live in where people walking trails up and down mountains stop off and have a chat with everyone they meet…. He was definitely eyeing you like a predator would and he seemed way too comfortable. But, as you enjoyed all the wonders of nature on the way up, I guess the sense of ‘awe’ that is nature was already sated? Sorry you didn’t get the clear views like those two Dutch girls and other tourists did when they reached it.


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