But as we’ve seen before on LS2 helmets, some also reckoned it sizes a bit small, so if you’re looking to order one and you’re between sizes, we suggest you go for the larger size. Having said that, the overwhelming view was that it’s quite a quiet helmet. Jetzt Testfazits lesen bei Testberichte.de! Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. The visor release mechanism is well designed and easy to use. That and a relief in finding a longer, narrower helmet that fits well. Casque intégral LS2 carbone, le FF397 Vector C Evo. Bei LS2 finden Sie eine große Modellvielfalt, allen voran Integralhelme, mit guten bis sehr guten Testnoten. What’s good? 845898), MCN's Digital and Events Managing Editor, Ped Baker, tested the LS2 Vector C helmet (, When installed the Pinlock fog shield fouls the rubber rain seal, making the visor stiff to open. A few folks complained that the sun visor doesn’t drop down far enough for their liking, leaving light to get in underneath the sun visor around their nose. FF399 Valiant. FF320 Stream EVO. LS2 also include safety reflective stickers, a steel micrometric fastener and EQRS – all of which are useful safety features to have. Obviously, to gain that level of comfort, you need to ensure you’ve a longer narrower head and get your head measurements right in the first place – but if you do, you should find the Vector all-day-long comfortable. more >, Product review: Alpinestars Orbit 35 backpack, After six months with Alpinestars' Orbit 35, I discovered this waterproof expandable backpack is... Here’s a few recommendations to have a look over before you take the plunge. There’s a single chin vent with 2 position slider and a single crown vent. more >, Often clunky, glitchy and unrealistic, motorcycle simulation games haven’t been that great in the... Schuberth’s C4 flip-front helmet – great for touring and sportsbike riders. Like all LS2 motorcycle helmets, the FF397 Vector comes with a Class A optically-correct visor. So I guess it’s not surprising there’d be a variety of opinions. Lots of folks with those shaped heads said they found it’s a massive relief to find the Vector because it fits where many helmets don’t. We're totally independent, financed only by you clicking on our retailer links and buying something, Click below to find helmets with these features…, Find your next helmet with our smart filters, Top 10 Safest Motorcycle Helmet Brands 2020, The LS2 Vector: a light weight, quality fibreglass full face motorcycle helmet at a decent price, Other stuff – fasteners, audio, weight, build quality, chin curtain, warranty, Airoh GP 500 sportsbike motorcycle helmet. The LS2 FF397 Vector is designed to have a longer helmet fitment, suiting people with longer narrower heads rather than rounder heads (sometimes called long-oval though most folks seem to say it’s more medium oval). SHARP tested the European version of the Vector and awarded it 3 stars for safety, which is an OK score but not the best (you can see all our SHARP 4 and 5 star helmets here). MX437 Fast EVO. Read more about Pinlocks here. New. A technically advanced full-face motorcycle helmet, our new Vector offers technology and features rivaling the finest helmets in the world. One or two also reckoned that it needs pulling down manually for the last centimetre or so. Stunningly lightweight, yet durable and energy absorbent, we designed the shell to be both … Which kinda sums up where the vector sits. Other than that, most owners say it’s a particularly comfortable helmet. The iridium drop-down sun shield is easy to operate and very effective. There’s a stack of different Vector designs for the fibreglass composite version of the helmet, plus a couple of carbon fibre helmets too. But apart from a smattering of the usual complaints that the tinting is a little too light (that’s a legal thing so not something manufacturers can ignore) most said it’s great to have and really like the sun visor. So the decent ventilation in combination with the anti-fog insert should keep you cool and your visor fog-free. The LS2 Vector: a light weight, quality fibreglass full face motorcycle helmet at a decent price. They claim it’s around 1.3Kgs in weight too which is a decent chunk lighter than the average fibreglass helmet of around 1.49Kg. Ventilation is great too, and so is comfort, and then there’s that optically-correct visor backed with a top quality Pinlock anti-fog insert and decent sun visor. Owners think it's supremely comfortable, has excellent ventilation, it's light weight and with its Pinlock anti fog (in the box) to fit behind its class A optical visor it offers a stack of features for not very much dosh. It also scored reasonably well when tested by SHARP (though far from the best). So that’s probably ‘job done’ on the aero I’d say. Overall then, the Vector offers a number of features to enhance safety coupled with a reasonable SHARP safety test score. (it’s how we finance the site). MCN's Digital and Events Managing Editor, Ped Baker, tested the LS2 Vector C helmet (£249.99) for four months over 500 miles. FF323 ARROW EVO CARBON. FF353 Rapid. MX436 Pioneer EVO. Výklopné. They’ve also tried to design a helmet that’s aerodynamically sleek and stable. LS2 made a ‘thing’ over designing a helmet that’s both aerodynamic and stable. Preislich untere Mittelklasse. If you're after an all rounder full face helmet on a budget, then the LS2 Vector could be a great bet. It’s designed to integrate LS2’s Linkin Ride Pal bluetooth set. A Vector C Evo is also available in the range, with the C standing for carbon fibre construction as opposed to Fiberglass Composite. All registered in England and Wales. So no sore necks after a day’s riding with the Vector. Their... A couple of owners said it’s tricky to mount because of the left-side sun visor slider that sits right where you’d want to mount your bluetooth. The LS2 FF397 Vector is a great value full face helmet. Enduro/MX. The shell of the LS2 Vector is made from a fibreglass composite. MX701 Explorer C CARBON. One owner with a Sena SMH10 found it tricky to mount, though a Sena 3 owner found it easy. Wir zeigen Ihnen die derzeit besten LS2 Helmets Motorradhelme am Markt. FF397 Vector HPFC EVO. Give me a double D ring. If you’ve a different bluetooth set, there’s mixed messages about how well the Vector will work with it though. Finally, check out our helmet gallery to find a lid that takes your fancy. more >, Although the biting cold temperatures and constant downpours of winter are now in full effect, we at... Lots of owners commented how light their Vector’s feel – that goes for both the fibreglass or carbon version (which is 100g lighter than the tri-composite fibreglass helmet). LS2 FF397 Vector Impact zones - high speed tests These graphics provide an indication of how this model of helmet performed at each of the five impact locations on the helmet during the 8.5 m/s linear impact tests against the flat anvil. The lining on the Vector is removable and washable and is both hypoallergenic and breathable. LS2 has tried to produce a helmet that’s light weight, safe, comfortable and with some of the nice touches that modern-day riders want in their helmet such as an integral sun visor and well thought out visor system. It’s secured in place with the usual poppers and slots but it also features LS2’s magna-tech system which uses small magnets to keep the neck roll in place. other useful information to help you when buying your next helmet, check our various guides - or have a look at our top helmet lists where we've got the top 10 rated helmets overall and best budget/safest/full face/flip-up helmets. We've got lots of other ways you can find your ideal full face helmet. The LS2 Vector has a micrometric fastener – they’re very easy to use but you need to keep an eye on strap adjustment to make sure everything’s tight. When installed the Pinlock fog shield fouls the rubber rain seal, making the visor stiff to open. More LS2 carbon helmets Speaking of carbon helmets, the brand LS2 and competitive prices, know that not long ago we made a video to compare two helmets LS2 carbon fiber offering an excellent price, the FF313 Vortex ( a modular helmet) and the FF397 Vector C Pro (a full-face helmet) . What’s not? It also comes with an integral sun visor and Pinlock in the box, just like the Vector. The LS2 Vector C comes with a carbon composite shell, iridium blue drop-down sun shield, quick-release buckle, Pinlock fog shield, two(!) Build quality for the Vector is praised by lots of owners – especially at this price where many were surprised at the quality and value for money. There’s also the AGV K5 and it’s later K5S variant. Erstaunlich, wie viel die Chinesen in recht kurzer Zeit dazugelernt haben, das Urteil "gut" ist der verdiente Lohn.


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