#2. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Complicated. pledge of hands works great for pretty much any spell. If you can stack on some decent ES (like 2k), then EB + MoM + ZO is workable. I 5L'inked (in 70 fusings) my Pledge of Hands today (can't afford to go for 6L). You can also use Pledge of hands as an opt in for things like Blade vortex/Blade fall if you can 6L it technically becomes a 7L even a 5L Pledge is handy, Other builds that make use of it are SRS summoners when they don't have a Searing Touch or a +1/+2 staff handy, that is all I can pretty much think that Pledge is used for at the moment, perhaps Flameblast? I haven't seen any Pledge Bladefall guides out there so there's a good chance I'll make one if nobody has beat me to it by the time I rip or am finished with the build. I would love it if someone here could, like, post a skilltree for EK or Ball Lightning or Arc or any other spell that works well with PoH. I use a fire doryani's belt for extra damage and leech, and a kaom's heart for dat life pool and fire dmg. Super Friendly Frog. Reason why im not making a own build is because im not really good at theorycrafting. If you're a crit build you can take Serpent Stance. + Fast & Safe Maps + 12k ES + 8k Normal molten shell + 28k Vaal molten shell (easy metamorphs) + 36k … I'm running a pledge of hands crit shocking Freezing Pulser. Look for the SuperNova build. In my opinion, Pledge is one of the most underrated items in the game currently. Could you suggest a build, or tell me your build, which uses PoH? Quote this Post. drop whatever you dont feel is necesary. Posted by zrenda94 on Dec 11, 2019, 2:08:42 PM. SRS seemed interesting, other skills than SRS i would like to try Blade Vortex. Ice Nova/Shock nova is pretty good with Pledge with the introduction of Blasphemy, just have Warlord Mark on Blasphemy, then you're set for life with those 2 spells since they're essentially melee. There's a guide on the forums. Just make sure you have about 300-400 mana unreserved, which should be very easy with huge mana pool from the buffed base mana and pledge. I tried searching this reddit, but nothing very recent comes up(1 month or later). Doubling your mana makes Mind Over Matter pretty strong. Basically for builds who like the mana and are non crit, its generally the best in slot for most spells. Any of you have any build guide i could follow. I played a lot of Ball Lightning last league and did quite a lot of math on skill gems to find "optimal" dps setups. Hey im currently looking for a viable late game Pledge of Hands build. Gonna level it up and see how it goes. Thanks for all the answers=D Ended up with the Freeze Pulse build. Currently looking at Ball Lightning or Ethereal Knives, but I couldn't figure out how to build … Is Pledge of Hands a viable option? A Palavra do Senhor Professor. The Hollow Pledge is a prophecy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Spiritual successor to Diablo 2, Press J to jump to the feed. lol, just a couple of days ago I was searching for what to do with pledge of hands. Ran a +3 staff instead of pledge though. ), and spell echo being the 3 best supports for the setup I was running, followed by increased AoE and then Faster casting. I found a Pledge of Hands and I want to roll a character for it, but most guides are from last year. Pledge of hands 6L is gonna be pretty tough to get early on. The other reason is 6L staff means you can wear Kaom's, which also scales fire damage. Price: ~ 3 Chaos Orb Tunneler Tunneler is a type of Pocked monster.


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