Charges can also be identified by having a specific silver border around the icon.1 There are three types of charge every character can have, each corresponding to a different core attribute: Endurance … Grip of the Council, Minions gain 20% of Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage at the cost of 10% reduced minion MS, also give give Minion Cold res (which would mess up Wise Oak resistances). (There a quite a few synergies that work well with this). (only granted to the minion that blocks). Quicksilver_Flask for MS, as MS acts like AI for Minions and it good for clear speed. PCoC (on crit support), Gain charge on crit and 4% more damage per charge. [Question] Endurance charges on minions - how to without warlords mark? (But they won't gain mods from nemesis, or bloodline mods). (support with Blood Magic, they have very little Mana and therefore don't cast it very often without it). Interestingly, this one can be cast with a lvl1 CwDT because the skill only requires lvl 12, (but locks you into a Unique Body). Summon Skeleton doesn’t need extra accuracy thanks to the “Bone Sculptor” Ascendency. A niche one but Coruscating Elixir (Removes all but one life on use) when used with Minion Instability makes your Zombies and Spectres explode dealing damage based on their life, also triggers Flesh Binder's caustic cloud on zombie death. Thanks I will have to try them out! On the other hand, the keystone Conduit, which shares charges with nearby party members, will not share charges with Minions. share. Also, Convocation regeneration is pretty much useless in mapping, its only good when leveling. 6 comments. 3 Frenzy charges (green orbs) and 2 Power charges (blue orbs). which I believe each minion would proc (so it could cover a screen with Consecrated Ground), Basalt_Flask, grants additional physical damage reduction and some melee damage is reflected onto attacker (not sure how useful that is though), Quartz_Flask, gives dodge and phasing, not sure how useful phasing is for minions, but it could help some minions "clunkiness". Recommended to use 2 for sustainability. Carnage Chieftain Spectre, Grants Frenzy Charges with a Warcry-like ability. Note: MS feels like increased Minion AI, so get as much as you can. When it comes to Minion defensive stats, after a certain point % life regen and % damage leeched as life will help your Minions survive more than % Minion life. I tried making this work but it never felt good. Sin's_Rebirth a unique flask, which also grants the minions ignite immunity and bleed removal, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the pathofexile community, A subreddit dedicated to Path of Exile, an ARPG made by Grinding Gear Games. Note: the curse itself does not increase the damage, but the buff it gives does, meaning not every monster has to have the curse to give the minions the buff, all that needs to happen is a cursed enemy hits your minions every 10+ seconds. Command of the Pit, socketed with a ghastly jewel is a great boots to minion accuracy. Also +1 spectre, Apparently grants it to all minions on a single kill. People under value minion accuracy, and when they realise, they just use Lycosidae and NA. What some people don't know is minions receive much more of a buff from charges than the player would and are therefore quite powerful for minions. Animate Guardian's_Weapon, which is essentially just Animate Weapon but copies whatever Weapon the guardian is holding from Chains of Command. If you run the keystone Necromantic Aegis with Lycosidae, you also do not need to care about accuracy either. The Writhing Jar, "2 Enemy Writhing Worms escape the Flask when used and Writhing Worms are destroyed when Hit", unfortunately still only two worms come out when used Umbilicus Immortalis, regardless, it has a multitude of uses in minion builds, like triggering the on kill effects for minions like Unholy Might, if you don't have at least one of these in your build, you're not taking full advantage of all the mechanics for your minions. Adding a "debuff" section at the bottom to put things like EE there. This may not be true if you have stacked a lot of % Minion life. Poacher's Mark, Frenzy Charges on kill, as well as some Life/Mana on hit and enemies have less Evasion. Rumi's_Concoction, Purely defensive, gives them more chance to block. Spiritual successor to Diablo 2, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Spirit Offering, grants Minions Physical damage as extra chaos, Elemental Resistances, and ES (based on their max life per corpse). Vigilant Strike Player melee attack, with The Vigil (threshold jewel), grants the player and nearby allies fortify. And was wondering if there would be any advantages on using +1 minimum endurance charge since it needs endurance charge to use charged slam.


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