Hook – Usually has the most elements in a song and repeats a chorus. The bottom number means that each beat is one quarter note long. The song’s different parts–verse, chorus and bridge–are all arranged and repeated to help tell this story and make the song more memorable. The verses are twelve bars long. The structure translates to verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus where the verses are often different but the choruses remain the same. Outro – Usually fades the song out. There’s a short intro, then alternating verses and choruses. The choruses are sixteen bars long. Usually 16 bars. Usually 8 bars. Ideally, a well-crafted song structure will create an immediate experience for you as a listener, telling a story with a sense of anticipation that builds toward an emotional release, burning the song into your memory. ABABCB song structure This is the most commonly used song structure in today's popular music and appears widely in the mainstream genres of pop, rock, R&B, and country music. That means that you can count four times to the rhythm of a song and that will be one bar. The inescapable song of summer 2012 follows a standard pop structure. Simple song structure consists of 4 and 8 bar phrases, 8 (4 sections) or 16 bar sections (2 sections), and usually 32 bars for completion of structure minus repeats. If it is on the radio, the standard time signature is 4/4. Your own personal goal will change depending on the style of music or the emotional impact you're trying to create. C. Copenhagen Guest. Others will feature a pre-chorus or a bridge while pop songs, for example, may not. Even if the song is House, Reggae, Pop, whatever. I know hip-hop song structure is usually; intro (4-8 bars) verse 1 (16 bars) chorus (4 bars) verse 2 (16 bars) chorus (4 bars) verse 3 (16 bars) chorus (4 bars) outro (4-8 bars) but what about for rnb tracks? Bridge – Usually appears before the last verse. Solo – This is a piece or a section of a piece played or sung by a single performer. Civil war songs had 8 or 16 bar phrases as well as many hymns. I’ve split them in half because they’re really duplicates of the same eight-bar phrase. Usually 8 bars. help a playa out . You can do this naturally. Some songs may have a four-bar intro and go straight into a chorus. Usually appears in R&B and Pop songs. I suppose you could split them into eight bar verses and four bar prechoruses too. The top number means that there are 4 beats in a bar. Hymns are largely strophic in form, meaning a number of verses sung to the same melody without any other contrasting sections.


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